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White Plains, New York: Opportunities to interact with working scientists, as discussed above, also provide rich experiences for learning from feedback and revision White and Fredericksen, In an effective school, however, specialists work to support the general education classroom teacher.

These changes affect the kinds of phenomena that can be considered and the nature of argumentation and acceptable evidence Bachelard, ; Holland, Brain, Mind, Experience, and School: Sixth graders who use computer-based learning tools develop a better conceptual understanding of acceleration and velocity than many 12th-grade physics students White, ; see Box 9.

The pictures that their partners Supporting learning on the basis of their written descriptions gave these young authors tangible feedback regarding the completeness and clarity of their writing.

Students worked in small groups to design different aspects of a hypothetical culture of rain forest dwellers Means et al. Students in ability groups working with the special education teacher. Through the medium of interactive computer microworlds, learners acquire hands-on and minds-on experience and, thus, a deeper understanding of science.

In a school committed to high levels of learning for all students, research has shown that specialists and support staff develop an effective, collaborative, trans-disciplinary support system for teachers, students, and families.

Through Project GLOBE Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environmentthousands of students in grades kindergarten through 12 K—12 from over 2, schools in more than 34 countries are gathering data about their local environments Lawless and Coppola, The ability of the human mind to quickly process and remember visual information suggests that concrete graphics and other visual representations of information can help people learn Gordin and Pea,as well as help scientists in their work Miller, A range of specialists are available to most schools to deal with special needs and problems of children — social workers, special education teachers, bilingual teachers, psychologists, nurses, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and others.

In a traditional school, most of these people work on their own with limited consultation with others and pull children out of class for various services.

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As one of its many uses to support learning, the Internet is increasingly being used as a forum for students to give feedback to each other. CSILE provides opportunities to express their ideas in English and to receive feedback from their peers. Maybe you skipped over another part, or maybe it was too hard to understand.

With probes attached to microcomputers, for example, students can do real-time graphing of such variables as acceleration, light, and sound Friedler et al.

Computer-Supported Intentional Learning Environments CSILE provide opportunities for students to collaborate on learning activities by working through a communal database that has text and graphics capabilities Scardamalia et al.

Support personnel collaborate with the general education instructor to include children with special needs in classroom activities and to design effective instruction for all students. These speculations are now being tested in classrooms with technology-based modeling tools.

As described above, students with new technological tools can communicate across a network, work with datasets, develop scientific models, and conduct collaborative investigations into meaningful science issues. But the mere existence of these tools in the classroom provides no guarantee that student learning will improve; they have to be part of a coherent education approach.

Since the late s, cognitive scientists, educators, and technologists have suggested that learners might develop a deeper understanding of phenomena in the physical and social worlds if they could build and manipulate Page Share Cite Suggested Citation: In one of the challenges, students need to write a book in order to save the creatures on the Little Planet from falling prey to the wiles of an evil character named Wongo.

Another student group in the same classroom reviewed this CSILE posting and displayed impressive analytic skills as well as good social skills in a response pointing out the need to extend the system:* SLR material cannot be altered without written approval from Supporting Learning Resources Ltd.

This includes adapting SLR material to use digitally, changing covers or formatting. * SLR reserve the right.

City & Guilds Learning Support qualifications. Leading vocational education and training organisation. If you have a Teacher account, you can create individual student account by clicking on the Student icon at the top of the screen and then selecting the “Add New Student” icon.

If you have a Coordinator account, it is best to add students in bulk, using the User Import Tool. To encourage the development of learning communities with shared values.

Audience This award is for those who hold posts which involve some duties and responsibilities for supporting the development and/or delivery of learning opportunities.

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Read chapter 9 Technology to Support Learning: First released in the Spring ofHow People Learn has been expanded to show how the theories and insig.

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