International involvement in afghanistan essay

A Taliban controlled Afghanistan would continue to act as a staging ground for terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, if left alone.

In this regard, it is possible to refer to the position of Pakistani officials. Roughly 40 objectives where stated with timelines, to determine the success of this agreement. In fact, the leader of Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, was the terrorist number one in the list of the US intelligence and the major threat to national interests of the US but he did not hide in Afghanistan, which the US viewed as the main basis of international terrorism.

The primary purpose of this paper is to determine the goals of Canada in the Afghanistan War, and to determine if these goals where successfully completed. Kandahar - already an unstable city - will need to be prepared for the impending unrest and influx of refugees NATO's newest offensive in the region will cause.

Canada also had the obligation to enter Afghanistan on humanitarian and development means. The United States got their man and captured Saddam Hussein in a spider hole in December ofand eventually had him killed. Since Canada and the world have been working hard within Afghanistan to improve the country.

However, the fact that they got the man they were looking for was not enough for them to cease fighting. They often most popular item in the media is defense, or security.

Bush became president, former president Bill Clinton attempted to warn him about the terrorist group Al Qaeda. The "non-essential" employees will be moved to safer parts of Afghanistan and Dubai.

In January of Canada officially reestablished diplomatic relations with the Afghanistan government.

International public opinion on the war in Afghanistan

This proclamation by Bush was favored by the Taliban because they knew it would help them regain power and return to where they were prior to the fall of under Mullah Omar. The invasion of Afghanistan by the United States proved to be more rational, more legitimate, and more justified than the United States invasion of Iraq.

Has the war made the US safer? A number of Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters had been killed and it seemed that the United States had succeeded. In the 19th century, Kabul was captured twice by the British during the Anglo-Afghan wars. Therefore, the British Defense Ministry is interested in the protection of interests of the US in the region because the interests of the US and the UK coincide, to a significant extent.

In late the Soviet Union launched an invasion of Afghanistan, for the next ten years the country would be occupied by Soviet forces. Those associated with the Taliban who survived fled to Kunduz as quickly as possible. Bush and the United States government did not have a clear cut reason to invade Iraq and under the provisions of NATO, they could not use warfare against a country unless it was in self-defense.

However, the government cannot regain the control over the ISI until it moves the military out of control over the ISI. Therefore, the Pakistan ISI is likely to support terrorist in Afghanistan, whereas its pro-Western position is rather provisional than a strategic decisions being made by Pakistan and ISI.NATO In Afghanistan Role On World Stage Politics Essay.

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, NATO has struggled and has not yet found a permanent role in the international community. NATO's involvement in the war in Afghanistan evolves past the original defensive purpose to an offensive stance.

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Jan 25,  · Afghanistan Essay; Afghanistan Essay.

Pakistan ISI Involvement in the Afghanistan War

Afghanistan Is A Developing Country. and the United States and its partner countries are reducing military involvement in Afghanistan. The current International security mission terminates at the end of and is expected to transition to a smaller mission consisting mostly of training the Afghanistan.

In my previous essay, I laid out arguments for continued involvement in Afghanistan. In this essay, I present the opposing view. In this essay, I present the opposing view. Author. The invasion of Afghanistan by the United States proved to be more rational, more legitimate, and more justified than the United States invasion of Iraq.

Pros and Cons of Our Involvement in Afghanistan

The invasion of Afghanistan proved to be of necessity, while the invasion of Iraq proved to be of choice. While the Security Council adopted a resolution extending for another year the mandate of the international security force in Afghanistan, the United Nations anti-drug chief urged NATO to take "robust military action" to destroy Afghanistan's opium industry.

International involvement in afghanistan essay
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